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Project Description

Originally, started out as a project called PassLFix, which had the vision to combine Blockchain technology with IoT devices to create a decentralized peer-to-peer delivery network.

In this network anyone could submit a parcel to be delivered anywhere and anyone could accept this parcel to deliver it to its destination. The sender could add sensors to the package which would stream the state (temperature, humidity, light, or shock) live to sender and receiver during the delivery. Every single delivery has its own setting, which is defined in a smart contract before the delivery process starts.
The sender can for instance set a specific temperature for the delivery which must not fall below a certain threshold. Moreover, every delivery smart contract holds a certain amount of money which is blocked for a safety deposit from the carrier's account. In case of a violation of any of these parameters (e.g. the temperature gets above the threshold) all parties would have direct evidence of it and the deposit would be paid out directly via a blockchain transaction to the damaged party. takes this idea to a higher and more general level. It is designed as a modular software platform that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to help facilitating and redesigning business processes.

An asset (parcel, car, room, machine, etc..) evolves to a Smart Asset by receiving a digital identity on a blockchain. This way, smart assets that are equipped with sensors can communicate their state to a network autonomously which holds massive benefits for every industry with a supply chain and machines.

Central part of are smart contracts. A smart asset triggering an associated smart contract can be tracked and monitored live by any involved party.