Collaboration without borders.

Project Description

Kazini is swahili for work and a project that has the vision to grant everyone the opportunity to work and get reimbursed for it. It helps to formalize work, manage workflows and monetizes the result after a work performance is finished. In the valorization protocol work that is currently not valued such as domestic work or even breastfeeding can be considered, and the results monetized.

This has the potential to rattle on inequalities of the current economic system and prevent negative effects as environmental pollution, caused by the current distribution of resources. Also, as unpaid work like fetching firewood is often done by women the valorization of it, will empower women and support gender equality.

Economically speaking Kazini aims to solve the principle-agent problem. To put it simple, collected and prepared information with Kazini technology will help making the right choices, saving raw material, working efficiently, avoid misinvestment and prevent corruption.

Development Process

Requirements of the project were to build a mobile app for the Kazini dApp. The corresponding smart contracts were developed by their team.

As the primary target group for the app should not be forced to understand Blockchain technology, it was a necessity to include a software library that makes authentication via passport possible. Because of the modular architecture of Ethereum Android, integrating the authentication library could be done rapidly.

For the first prototype we also set up a private test blockchain for Kazini's team to test their smart contracts on and deployed their 'Do It' - Token on it.

For further information read our about Kazini see their GitHub page.