Easy Encryption

An encryption library that can be integrated in existing or newly developed software solutions.

Seccoco is an acronym for secure container connect and adds encryption to a mobile application with just a few lines of code.

Data States

Data at rest is data that is being stored on a device or backup medium in any form.

Data in motion is data that is currently traveling across a network or sitting in a computer’s RAM ready to be read, updated, or processed.

Finally, data in use is data that is being processed by one or more applications. This is data currently in the process of being generated, updated, appended, or erased.

How Seccoco works

As the name suggests, Seccoco uses secure containers to encapsulate an application in while using secure communication channels for network communication.

Hence, data at rest, i.e. data that is stored on the device is enclosed in a secure container while Seccoco uses Android's native Keychain mechanism for hybrid encryption of the data. Extensive encryption methods can be added individually.

Seccoco secures data in motion and in use by creating secure communication channels between the device and external networks. While corresponding nodes are also enclosed in an encrypted container, Seccoco uses a secure proxy server with certificate pinning to guarantee a secure connection between parties.

Secure Proxy

Our secure proxy server is an open-source tool to secure and manage blockchain nodes. Securing is done through limiting of RPC calls, end-to-end encryption, and certificate pinning. The management of blockchain nodes is possible through account authentication, load balancing, and cloud usage.

You can read here how the secure proxy works in our platform Ethereum Android.

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