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About us

We are a group of IT professionals with a strong background in providing secure, scalable and mobile software solutions. Since 2010 we participate in complex development projects and develop our own solutions for the market. Our experience covers all aspects necessary to plan and develop a software product.


  • System level development in Unix based systems
  • Desktop, Mobile and Webdevelopment mostly with the Java programming language
  • Pragmatic and sane adoption of future-proof technologies such as Docker and the Blockchain


  • Goalbased introduction of processes and tools for efficient and scalable development
  • Feasibility and cost analysis based on practical knowledge
  • Coaching and leadership of development teams



We offer technical consulting and development on the Android platform


We offer business and technical consulting for Blockchain based solutions


We offer business and technical consulting for agile software development


An overview of the products we are currently developing.

Ethereum Android

Ethereum Android is a mobile portal to Ethereum. It's an Ethereum Wallet which offers an API for Android Developers to access the complete functionality of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

  • a mobile optimized Ethereum Wallet specifically built for Android
  • securely set up your own Full Node and connect the app to it
  • develop Android solutions that use the Ethereum Blockchain in plain Java Code

Visit ethereum-android.com


Seccoco is a library which offers you to add encryption to an Android application with just a few lines of code.

  • No hassle of hiding passphrases
  • Easy integration by mimicking the existing Android API
  • Free and Opensource

Visit seccoco.com


Monified is a high security and private finance management app for Android that lets you manage and analyze your bank accounts and Bitcoin Wallets.

  • Top Level Data Security with End-to-End-Encryption
  • Get an overview of your daily finances
  • Manage and analyze your incomes and spendings
  • Include your Bitcoin transactions with your regular finances

Visit monified.de


We develop on the Android platform since the first day it was born. Today Android has reached an overwhelming market power and evolved to the default Operating System for a huge base of different devices. Besides mobile devices it runs on watches, TVs and even in cars. But as Android is open source, it is often being criticised as being unsafe and vulnerable for attacks. With our high security solutions we try to fix that by helping Android developers to integrate state of the art security in their software.

Furthermore we strongly believe that in times of cloud software and webservices, software development has to adopt new patterns to match those new requirements. Container technologies like Docker optimized the way to virtualize software and to make software scalable and "runnable anywhere". All our software solutions heavily make use of container technologies which makes them very flexible. This website is delivered by a webserver which runs in a container as well.

To be able to split complex software apart to put it in different containers depends on a new form of software architecture: Microservices - independent chunks of software that are small, highly decoupled and focus on doing a small task. A technology to ease the development of microservices is the Java framework Spring Boot.

The most innovative as well as the most volatile technology that we count on is the Blockchain. The Blockchain is the underlying technology of the well known cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Our goal is it to develop software solutions that use the Blockchain technology (Blockchain 2.0) and make this technology more user friendly and accepted.


Interested in our help? Having questions regarding our products? Please get in touch with us.
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